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Grade 6 Science

What is matter made up of and what are they called? Tiny particles called atoms
What do atoms often combine to form? Molecule
What are substances called that contain only one kind of atom? Pure elements
Do you no how many different elements exist ? 100
How are many elements grouped? According to similar properties
That substances react chemically in characteristic ways with other substances to form_____________. New substances
_____ is a club fungi. A mushroom
Fungi that obtain their food directly from living things are ______. parasites
Yeast is a _____ used for baking. fungus
One-celled protists usually reproduce _____. asexually
Most species of fungi _____. are many-celled
Shock waves pass through the layers of the earth after an earthquake. The waves vary as they pass through different materials in the earth. Shock waves are also called _____ waves. seismic
The innermost part of the earth is called the ____. It is made up of mostly iron and some nickel. core
The layer of earth found between the crust and the core. mantle
Liquid rock is called ______. magma
_____ have different shapes, sizes, and colors. They are identified by how much they sparkle, or by how hard they are. minerals
This is the term geologist use to explain the natural process for when rocks break down. weathering
Pollen is produced by the _____ of flowering plants. anther
Hay fever is caused by the male sex cells of certain plants. These male sex cells are called ____? pollen
In flowering plants, reproduction involves the creation of ______. seeds
What part of a flowering plant is important for reproduction? flower
Oceans cover nearly ____ of Earth's surface. 70%
Earth is the ____ planet from the Sun. third
Shooting stars with bright trails coming through Earth's atmosphere are termed ____. meteors
Large pieces of shooting stars that reach the surface of the Earth are termed _____. meteorites
Created by: Theresa-ann