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Academic Words

Literacy Academic Words

analyze to examine critically or carefully
infer to guess with evidence from the text
trace sign or evidence
explain to make plain or clear; understandable
summarize to make a short version
support back it up; to add info to help explain answer
compare to find similarities among two or more things
contrast to find differences among two or more things
predict think about the future
describe to tell in written or spoken words
formulate to devise, create, or develop
evaluate to judge
complete to finish
apply to put effort into
exercise learning activity
detail description
fact something that can be proven true
approach to come up to; meet
assert to state something with confidence
conclude to bring to an end
argue to verbally disagree
identify to recognize
consider to think about something carefully
direct to guide or to lead
consequence the result of an action
assume to take the role of
audience the reader or readers in which the author intends to write for in his/her work
draft a writing to build on
authentic real
brainstorm to actively think
genre a class or category
edit to revise or correct
context words or phrases to help determine the meaning of other words or phrases
equal same as
graph a graph or chart that gives important information
cause the reason or motive for an action
character person, animal, or thing that plays a role in a story
copy an exact replica of something
foreshadow a clue or hint of what is to come later in a story
notice to recognize
illustrate to provide pictures to a story or book
objective a goal in which one wants to reach; achievement in which one wants to attain
opinion something that cannot be proven true
observe to give attention to
rarely seldom; infrequently; not often
inform to supply with knowledge
order an instruction or command
instructions information or enlightenment
intent purpose; design
passage a portion or section of a written work
plan a design or a specific project
root the base word in which does not have a prefix or a suffix
prefix a part of a word that is found in the beginning and modifies the meaning of that specific word
distinguish to discover the differences of
label to classify or identify
protagonist the leading character who has good intentions, the good guy
antagonist the character who is opposed to or competes against the protagonist, the bad guy
skim to briefly read over a selection getting a general idea of what the selection is about
scan reading to find a specific concept, term, or idea
locate to identify the location of
list to identify and write appropriate info, to list items in a specific order
prior preceding in time or order; earlier, previous
margin the space around the printed or written matter on a page
solve to find the answer of
measure to figure/find the dimensions of
never not ever
citation a written entry which is used for references; usually found in bibliography and works cited pages
chart a map, or graphic representation
abbreviate to shorten by omitting letters and/or using symbols
estimate to form an approximate judgement; to round
effect a consequence, result, or outcome
affect the act on or change in
always constant, never ending
event an occurance
clue a hint
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