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MSP999 Card-1


Class of drug that can cause edema Ca channel blockers
Should be avoided in RV infarct/symptoms nitrates/JVD, clear lungs hypotension and inferior MI
What is needed in RV dysfunction increase preload
What is needed in Left ventricle failure decrease preload
Management of left ventricle failure loop diuretics and nitrates acutely
B blockers and Ca Channel blockers what kind of inotrope negative
Acute treatment of cardiogenic pulmonary edema nitrates
High dose metopralol has what effect can hit B2 and cause bronchoconstriction
First step in A fib treatment/why rate control/ get LV dilation and decreased EF with Afib
Premature atrial beats diagnosis/ management premature p wave, different morphology, no QRS width changes/ anxiety, CHF, caffeine, electrolyte/ nothing
Low grade fever, fatigue, rumble in atria, diastolic rumble at apex, may have neurologic symptoms think left atrial myxoma hitting the mitral valve
Paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia include intial management vagal maneuvers or adenosine
Adenosines other role bring out p waves with an unsure diagnosis of Afib or a flutter
HF with decreased CI, increased TPR and increased LVED systolic
Inferior Wall MI vessel RCA
Anterior Wall MI vessel LDA
Lateral Wall MI vessel LCX
Posterior Wall MI vessel/ fiunding on EKG LCX or RCA/ both V1-V3 depression, LCX I and aVL elevation, other depression
Consequence of RCA MIs/ often see get hear block form disrupting the AV node/ bradycardio and hypotendsion
Management of lone A fib rate control, rhythm control if it occurs often but no need to anticoagulant
Conservative Venus stasis treatment stockings, exercise, leg elevation
Transient ST elevation with angina is/ occurs time wise. rx priametals or variant angina/ night/ calcium channel blocker or nitrate
Mechanism of niacin flushing prostaglandin vasodialation
In young person, creasdon decresadon murmo on left sternal border with no radiation to carotids is hypertrophic cardiomyopathy with ventricular septal hypertrophy.
Have left ventricular HF but normal EF you have/ long term get diastolic dysfunction / atrial dilatation going into atrial fibrillation
Complication of Aortic dissection / see in those with stroke, horers, arotic insuficincent, MI , percardia effusion, hemothorax, leg ischema pai, abdominal pain/ chronic hypertension
Asymmetric kidney size, flash pulmonary edema and increase in creatine by 30% with ACE/ARB think renal vascular disease
Hypertensive urgency/emergency 180/120 + with no end organ symptoms/ malignant hypertension (hemorrhage and exudates) or hypertensive encephalopathy
Amiodarone side effects pulmonary fibrosis, hepatotoxicity, corneal deposits, hyo>hyperthyroidism
Best way to effect blood pressure in obese/ non obese weight loss/ fruit and vegetable diet (DASH diet)
BUN when urea is bad above 60
Isolated aortic stenosis in elderly from age related sclerosis
High pitched murmur 2nd right intercostal space usually radiates to the carotids/ cause in young person aortic stenosis/ congenital bicuspid valve
Syncope believed to be related to AS exercise EKG/ management no, can induce an arrhythmia/ symptomatic AS requires valve replacement
Pansystlic murmur loudest at the apex and radiates to th axilla is Mirtal regurgitaiotn
Can get abnormal motion of the mitral valve leaflets with/ give valslva hypertohic cardiomyopathy/ increases
Isaloted systolic hypertension in the elderly significant for stiffning of the arteries/ thiazide, ace of calcium channel blocker
Makes digoxin more toxic/ effect hypokalemia/ V tach May cause V tach accidentally due to electrolytes/ loop diuretics (hypokal, hypomag). PVC management
Dijixon use in arthmia only atrial
Trartment of choice for third degree heart block pace maker
Sudden plueritc chest pain and on OCD think PE with infection
Hold 48 hours before stress test / before a vasodilator test BB/ 12 hours before vaso. CaChB and intrates/ dipyrimadole/ caffine
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