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4th Grade Science

4th Grade Science Ch.3

What is the green coloring matter in green plants that allows them to make their own food? chlorophyll
Name the three parts of a tree. crown, trunk, roots
trees that have very narrow leaves that are needlelike or scalelike needleleaf trees
new layer of wood grown each year; allows you to tell the age of the tree and the amount of rainfall each year annual rings
trees that bear cones conifers
What kind of tree has long, thin needles that grow in bundles of 3-5? pine
What kind of tree has very short, flat needles growing on little stalks, dark green tops and sides, light green underneath? hemlock
What kind of tree has single needles that grow directly on the twig; cones grow up from the branches? fir
Name the tree with short, four-sided needles on the stalk; cones grow on the bottom side of the branch pointing down. spruce
germinate to sprout
dormant alive, but not growing
What leaf is the national emblem of Canada? maple
the fruit of an oak tree acorn
controls the growth of a palm tree bud in the center of the crown
deciduous falling down
6 kinds of broadleaf trees oak, maple, ash, elm, walnut, willow
5 kinds of palms raffia, coconut, date, sabal, Washington
characteristics of an oak tree shape of the leaves and the acorns
characteristics of an elm tree shape of the fruit and toothed or notched leaves
characteristics of a maple tree the shape of the leaves; produces keys
parts of a flower sepal, petal, stamen, pistil
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