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Flash Cards

Flash Cards for 8th Grade Science Activities 6,7,8,10,11

Hazardous Material any solid, liquid, or gas that can harm people, other living organisms, property or the environment
Corrosive a substance that may dissolve metals, ruin clothing, or burn skin.
Flammable easily ignited and capable of burning rapidly. Can serve as a fuel for fire.
Toxic poisonous: the capability of a substance to cause harm to living systems.
Evidence thing or things helpful in making a judgment or coming to a conclusion
mixture a blending of two or more substances without chemical bonding or other chemical change, so that each substance keeps its own chemical properties and makeup.
chemical properties traits of a substance that you find by seeing if it reacts in certain ways with other chemicals.
miscible/miscibility two or more substances that can be mixed together without separation
physical properties characteristics that can be observed or measured about a substance without changing it into something else in the process.
cubic centimeters metric measurement of volume.
liter metric unit of volume
metric system the measuring system used by scientists and most countries other than the United States and the United Kingdom.
milliliter metric (SI) unit of volume.
qualitative description, observation, or analysis of a substance based on it's qualities
quantitative description, observation, or analysis of a substance based on measurements.
volume the measurement of space that an object or substance occupies
conductivity a measure of the tendency of an object to support the flow of heat or electricity.
density The relationship between the mass and volume of a substance.
reactivity Substances have a reaction when exposed to another substance.
mass the amount of matter in an object.
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