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Renaissance Music

What does Renaissance mean? Rebirth
Main emphasis during the Renaissance? Mind/body/Broadened thinking.
Arts focus during this time? A social commentary on society issues.
The main things that happened? Resurgence: Interest in Greco-Roman Culture/Mythology...Fall of Constantinople...Printing Press...Christopher Columbus...Gelileo invents telescope/moon craters/jupiter's moons...Spanish Inquisition: Maintaining standards of Christian Orthodoxy
Big People at the time Leonardo Divinchi: Introduced Realism, which brought out emotion. ...Machiavelli: Bleieved that the ends should justify the means. Faked own death. ...Copernicus: Breakthrough with Heliocentrism(Sun center)...John Calvin...Martin Luther
Major composers Josquin de Prez (motet), Palestrina (Mass), Thomas Weelkes (Madrigal-Secular song for solo voices and instrument about love), John Dowlnad (Lute), Giovannie Gabrieli (Venetian School)
What is a Polychoral Motet? Many voices (2 or more choirs; Attn paid to instruments)
Primary music Vocal/ with some inst.
Secular music is considered.... Sacred
How many voices? VERY polyphonic (4-6 voices; Intro of Bass singers)
Imitation Main compositional device A. Canonic imitation B. Augmentation (more/add/raise) C. Diminution (less) D. Retrogression (old/backwards)
What was the melody like? Very scalar/diatonic, modal, avoids leaps and skips, 1 octave. Emphasis on text. No dynamics. Text painting (expresses text).
Two main forms of Renaissance music? Mass: 5 different elements w/in Ordinary times. Motet: Sacred piece. Text in latin and used at non-ordinary times.
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