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the crucible#1

vocab 1

persecution to injure or afflict someone because of positions or beliefs
magistrate an official who administers the law
citadel a fortress or stronghold commanding a city
homage an expression of high regard or tribute
antagonistic causing active opposition or hostility
dissembling hiding or putting on a false appearance
faction a group acting together against a larger body
abomination something that is loathsome or odious; an atrocity
providence divine guidance or care
deference courteous, respectful, or ingratiating regard for another's wishes
corroborate to support r substantiate with evidence
subservient demonstrating a subordinate place or position
partisan one who supports the position of another
calumny false or malicious accusation
titillate to excite pleasurably
prodigious extraordinary in size or degree; huge or vast
contiguous being in contact, touching
fathom to think about and come to to understand
defamation to damage or destroy a reputation through salender
asceration to learn something and know it to be true
Created by: abzcc5