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Nutritional Needs - Infancy

Which option is best for an infant for the first 6 months? Breast Feeding - Provides complete nutritional diet. Breast is best!
How often should the mother burp while feeding? Burp q 2-3oz Every time you switch breasts Half way through the bottle After feeding
Why should the infant not have a bottle in bed? Dental carries
When should solid foods be introduced? Cereal (iron fortified foods) at 4-6mos.
When is it okay to introduce cow's milk? At one year.
When can 100% fruit juice be introduced and how much? At 4mos. (4-6oz./day)
When should NEW foods be introduced? Eevery 4-7 days - by one year they can eat all table foods. Cooked food at 9 mos. - Cut up into small bites to avoid choking.
Supplements needed for infants... Vit D @ birth to prevent rickets (nutritional deficiency) Iron @ 4-6 mos.
Important facts when making formula! Never water down formula. Excess water can cause seizures. Overly concentrated formula can cause problems too.
How to ween off of the bottle... Replace one meal with breast milk/formula in cup with handles. Bedtime feedings are the last to be stopped.
Side effects of cow's milk if infant is lactose intolerant? Gas, bloating, diarrhea. Switch to soy based formula.
Hydrolyzed formula has what effect on babies if they are protein intolerant? Bloody V/D, abdominal pain, rash.
Created by: SMCooper630