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E2 Unit 3

English 2 Unit 3

The vantage point from which a story is told is the ___ Point of View
The voice that tells the story is known as the ___ Narrator
In ___ person point of view, the narrator is a character in the story. First
A ___ person narrator presents the thoughts and feelings of himself. First
A limitation of a ___ person narrator is they lack direct access to thoughts of other characters. First
2 pronouns associated with First person point of view are ___ ___ I or Me or My or Our or Mine
With a ___ person narrator, the reader may feel more connected because it seems the narrator is talking directly to the reader. First
In ___ person point of view, the narrator is NOT a character in the story, but is an outside observer. Third
A ___ person ___ narrator zooms in on the thoughts and feelings of one character, usually the protagonist. Third Limited
Two limitations of a ___person ___ narrator are (1)the reader learns only the thoughts of one character (2)the reader doesn't get the big picture Third Limited
In ___ person ___ point of view, the narrator is NOT a character in the story, but has access to the thoughts and feelings of ALL characters. Third Omniscient
One advantage of having a ___ person ___ narrator is the reader also becomes "all knowing." Third Omniscient
The use of hints to build suspense about what will happen next. Foreshadowing
DIFFICULT! What is one example of foreshadowing (from the handout)? 1. a shot of a foreboding setting 2. a statement like, "I'll be right back."
DIFFICULT! What is one strategy to help you recognize foreshadowing (from the handout)? 1. Notice REPEATED details 2. Characters who make important statements or behave in UNUSUAL ways.
An account of an event or conversation that happened before the beginning of the story is ___ Flashback
A ___ interrupts the chronological order of events to reveal info that can help readers understand the characters or the current situation. Flashback
To spot a flashback, look for phrases that signal a shift in ___ - like "he remembered that day" or "as a young child" time
Two limitations of a THIRD person LIMITED narrator are (1) the reader learns only the thoughts of one character and (2) the reader doesn't get the BIG PICTURE
Two limitations of a THIRD person LIMITED narrator are (1) ?? (2) the reader doesn't get the BIG PICTURE the reader learns only the thoughts of one character
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