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Med term endocrine chapter

acr/o extremities
andr/o male
calc/o calcium
gluc/o sugar, sweetness
glyc/o sugar, sweetness
glucos/o sugar, sweetness
gonad/o gonads, sex gland
home/o same, alike
pancreat/o pancreas
somat/o body
thyroid/o thyroid gland
hyper excessive, above normal
hypo under, below, deficient
para near, beside, beyond
poly many, much
crine secrete
dipsia thrist
ectomy excission, removal
emia blood condition
oma tumor
phagia swallowing, eating
physis growth
tropin stimulate
toxic poison
trophy development, nourishment
uria urine
RAIU test radioactive iodine uptake= measures thyroid function, monitors ability of gland to take up iodine from blood
parathyroidectomy excision of parathyroid
thyroid function test used to measure thyroid function
DM diabetes mellitus
FBS fasting blood sugar
GH growth hormone
GTT glucose tolerance test
IDDM insulin dependent diabetes mellitus
NIDDM non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus
TSH thyroid stimulating hormone
glucose simple sugar
diuresis increased excretion of urine, as occurs with a diuretic
pituitary gland master gland
virile masculine; having chartacteristics of a man, especially copulative powers
acromegaly disease characterized by enlarged features, especially feet and hands
gestational diabetes diabetes in a pregnant woman
Glucosuria prescence of glucose in urine
hirsutism abnormal hairiness
homeostasis state of equilibrium in internal environment of body
hypercalcemia excessive calcium in blood
hyperglycemia rise in concentration of blood sugar
hyperkalemia excessive amounts of potassium in blood
hypersecretion overproduction of hormones
hypoglycemia low blood sugar
hyponatremi abnormal condition of low sodium in blood
hypersecretion overproduction of hormones
hypoglycemia low blood sugar
hyponatremia abnormal condition of low sodium in blood
hyposecretion underproduction of hormones
obesity excessive accumulation of fat in body
pancreatoma tumor of pancreas
pheochromocytoma small chromaffin cell tumor, usually in adrenal medulla
polyuria excessive urination
tetany muscle twitches and spasms cause this condition
thyrotoxicosis abnormal poisonous condition of thyroid
thymolysis destruction of thymus
antihyperlipidemics lowers cholesterol levels in blood
insulin major drug for treating diabetes
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