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Geography Final

Final Review

Northern Eurasia Land Pattern North has 4 divisions: N. European Plain, W. Siberian Plain, Siberian Plateau, Russian Far East. South- Caucasus Mountains; very high except for Turan Plain (Caspian Sea and uplands of Central Asi
Russian Revolution 1917; ended ruling of czars; communists took over
Northern Eurasion Climate Humid Continental and Subarctic; Continentiality (effect of distance from water on climate of land)
Population Distribution throughout Northern Eurasia Most heavily distributed towards south and West (european areas); very scarce population in north and east
Ural Mountains In Northern Eurasia; separate the Northern European Plain from the West Siberian Plain; separate Europe and Asian (in Russia)
Aral Sea Crisis Aral Sea is shrinking rapidly; dying species; cause:irrigation, agricultural practices
Population Distribution of Siberia Created Trans-siberian Railroad to reach Siberia; not haevily populated; for resource reasons; prisoners shipped here
15 Republic of Soviet Union after the USSR fell it was divided the biggest republic was Russia others include Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Armenia
Joseph Stalin Communist ruler in USSR; by WWII, stalin had taken over USSR; leader during cold war;
Vladimir Lenin Led Russian Communist Party during Russian Revolution;
Mikhail Gorbachev Russian leader during Cold War, started granting freedom to the people, fall of USSR
Vladimir Putin 2nd president ended term early May 2008
Oil in Norther Eurasia a leading producer of iol and natural gas; around caspian sea-highest
Chernobyl Meltdown world's worst nuclear disaster, April 1986, the covering of a nuclear reactor exploded killing 31 people immediately. took USSR 2 days to admit it had occured only after Western European sensors detected radioactive material in air
Transcaucasia a region that consists of the republics of Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia; located between the Caucasus Mountains and the borders of Turkey and Iran
Trans-Siberian Railroad a railroad that would eventually link Moscow to the Pacific port of Vladivostok; built between 1891 and 1903
Standard of Living in Soviet Union Poor; communism provided no reason to produce good well, so there was shortage of food and other supplies
Red Army the name of the Soviet Union's military
Creation of Communist Eastern Europe Karl Marx ideas were put in place by the communist party after the Russian Revolution
Russian Mafia group of organized communist criminals in the former Soviet Union Territories after it's disintegration in 1991
Jerusalem Holy City of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism; Religous unrest; each claims city as own; different sections in Jerusalem for diff. religions
Sahara Largest Desert in world; located in northern Africa-Egypt, Lybia, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia
Sahel "shore of the desert" dry grassland that runds along southern edge of Sahara; used for farming and herding; Desertification occuring since 1960s
Desertification an expansion of dry conditions into moist areas that are next to deserts
Apartheid a policy of complete separation of the races, instituted by the white minority government of South Africa in 1948
Nelson Mandela one of the leaders of the African National Congress who led a struggle to end apartheid and was elected president in 1994 in the first all-race election in South Africa
Archipelago a set of closely grouped islands
Monsoon a seasonal wind; especially in South Asia
Kashmir a region of northern India and Pakistan over which several destructive wars have been fought
Typhoon a tropical storm, like a hurricane, that occures in the western Pacific
Cyclone a violent storm with fierce winds and heavy rain; the most extreme weather pattern of South Asia
Hinduism the dominant religion of India
Subcontinent a landmass that is like a continent, only smalle, such as South Asia, which is called the Indian subcontinent
Sherpa a person of Tibetan ancestry in Nepal, who serves as the traditional moutain guide of the Mount Everst region
Economic Tiger a country with rapid economic growth due to cheap labor, high technology, and aggressive exports
One Child Policy China's restriction of only one child per family to control population growth as a result of high population and pop. density
Bollywood Indian Hollywood
Religion the belief in a supernatural power or powers that areregarded as the creators and maintainers of the universe, as well as the system of beiefs itself.
Common Elements in all Religions belief in supreme being regarede as the creators and maintainers of the universe; set up how to worship the divine; set up how to behave towards each other
Questions answered by religion How did we get here.
Torah first part of he brew bible; insprired word of God
Tanakh Hebrew Bible-TaNaKh
Talmud List of words to say at ceremonies by Rabbis
Branches of Judaism Orthodox, conservative, and reform
Apostle of Creed early christian beleif; Christ suffered and died for God's people
Meaning of Islam to accept, surrender, or submit. SUBMISSION
Muezzin leads calls at a mosque
five pillars of Islam Shahādah - Profession of faith; Salah - Prayer; Zakâh - Paying of alms (giving to the poor); Sawm - Fasting during Ramadan; Hajj - Pilgrimage to Mecca
Koran Islam Holy book; divine guidance and direction for mankind
Republics of the Soviet Unioin azerbijian, georgia, estonia, armenia, belarus, kazakhstan, kyrgyzstan, latvia, lithuania, moldova, russia, tajikistan, turkmenistan, ukrain, uzbekistan
Mikhail Gorbechev last leader of USSR;led reform
Boris Yeltsin first president of Russian Republic; time of corruptionand bad times
natural resources of africa gold, diamonds, other minerals
ANC african national congress; blacks who fought for their freedom during time of apartheid in south afica
civil war in... Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi
Jordan River natural boundary between israel and jordan
Kosher Food only eat from animals that graze and have split hooves, only eat fish with scales and fins, no shellfish- birds but not birds of prey
Roman Catholic. 2 special things. 1st what? apostle pope, largest, oldest, apostle peter
Shi'ite minority of Muslim, caliph believe in democratic election majority of world's Muslims
Sunni believe in succession to the role of prophet, the caliphs on the basis of blood relationship to Muhammad. Muslims that give themselves to martyrdom at the behest of the Imams, or religious leaders
holy cities of C, J, I J- Jerusalem. C- Jerusalem, I- Mecca
holy days of JCI j- Saturday. c- Sunday. i- Friday
population distribution of Middle East most live in cities where there's water
Saudi Arabia and Islam Mecca is in Saudi Arabia, also Saudi Arabia's law follows strict Islamic law
Persian Gulf War Iraq invaded Kuwait for oil to try and not be landlocked and have access to more resources and water
middle East conflict- source, events, groups Israelis and Palestinians are fighting over the land of Israeli, they both believe they have equal claim to it
resources of Middle East water is scarce, oil is abundant and shapes economy
6 day war began when Egypt cut off Israel's shipping and also with Egypt, Syria and Jordan mobilizing against Israel but Israel sent troops and quickly gained back access to the canal Egypt had blocked
Kurds an ethnic group that has occupied Kurdistan, located in Turkey, Iraq and Iran for about a thousand years, and who have been involved in clashes with these three countries over land claims for most of the 20th century
Taliban strict Muslim group in Afghanistan
guest workers mostly unskilled laborer, often an immigrant from South and East Asia, brought in to the oil- booming countries to fill job openings that the regions native peoples find culturally or economically unacceptable
strategic commodity resource so important that nations will go to war to ensure its steady supply. ex oil
oasis place where water from an aquifer rises up to the surface
Jordan river serves as natural boundary between Israel and Jordan
Red Sea separates Arabian peninsula from Africa, covers a rift valley created by Arabian plate
climates of SW Asia mostly arid and semiarid
oil and corruption in Nigeria Nigeria produced most oil in the world, prices eventually fell and Nigeria owed millions of dollars. left Nigeria poorer than before
berlin conference conference of 14 European nations helld in 1884- 1885 in Berlin Germany to establish rules for political control over Africa
natural resources of africa many trapped becuase africa doesn't have technology to get them out
ways to fight diseases in Africa spraying programs to kill insects spreading the diseases, vaccines, improving health care and public health policies
great rift valley. cause and where contintental plates pull apart causing land to sink in. in tanzania and easter tip place of africa
european colonialism boundaries set with no regard to tribal people
political problems in africa because borders were set with no regard some enemies were put together causing tension and unrest
africaaners dutch African descendants
1st free election in south Africa 1. after nelson Mandela was released from prison and talks were held with the gov't the NC helped make a new constitution freeing blacks and having 1st free elections where nelson Mandela won
African nationalists congress. why made? to fight against south African govt for black rights
countries with strategic value. 2 Ethiopia- plateau makes it good for defending. all countries on coast
why was Ethiopia not not captured plateau
civil war in Sudan Arab militia (janjaweed) have been near villages in the Darfur area sent by the gov't after Darfur sided with a black rebel force which is centered in Darfur
civil war in rwanda. whos majority and minority why tutsi minorite were being murdered by the Hutu majority fighting for power of Rwandra
african gold and diamonds one of the worlds richest continents for minerals
medina older section of a city where souks are held
portugese colonies angola, mozambique, portuguese guinea, principe, sao tome
british colonies egypt, sudan, uganda, rwanda, burundi, kenya, mozambique, malawi, botswana, half of somalia, ghana, sierra leche, gambia, swaziland
kente cloth only royalty allowed to wear it
sources of Nile. 3 lake Tana lake Victoria and Aswan high dam
archipelago a set of closely grouped islands
Ganges river. starts where? whats wrong with it? whats special? Himalayas. pollution. Hinduism. special stuff in it
nuclear weapons in India and Pakistan both tested nuclear weapons because of the heated dispute over Kashmir
Kashmir region of northern India and Pakistan over which several destructive wars have been fought
indo- gangetic plain. what's special? have alluvial plains make the soil one of most fertile in world
way of life in S ASIa most hindus. marriage is a huge part of life, dowry's, veggie diet, rich culture
sherpas person of Tibetan ancestry in Nepal, who serves as the traditional mountain guide of mt. everest region
moksha liberation from the life and death cycle
independence of india gandi, nonviolent resistance
independence of pakistan. why did they want to form their own what state? feared if india gained independence they would lose their freedom to this Hindu country so wanted to form their own muslim state
major rivers in south asia 3 Indus, Ganges, Brahmaputra
religion in south asia. mostly what? Hindu
Bangladesh geography 2 mostly delta used for farming and the Brahmaputra river
Nepal and Bhutan geography Himalayas
AUM infinite Brahman and the entire universe
types of yoga. 4 jnana. karma. bhakti. rajah
mendhi traditional art of adorning hands and feet with a paste made from a henna plant
namaste an acknowledgement of the soul in one by the the soul in another
Jainism. what and resulted from what? sect founded as a result to Hinduism
sikhism blends Hindu traditions with Islamic monotheistic traditions
Tika red marks on forehead of Hindu woman
brahman one God, main God
hindu God. brahma. 1 characteristic and who the creator, red 4 bearded faces
hindu god shiva 3 destroyer. dance and trident
hindu god vishnu 2 preserver, aides humankind
rama hindu god 2 most what? ideal man, most commonly adorned hero
ganesh hindu god 4 remover of obstacles, wisdom, luck, elephant
lakshmi hindu god. 2 god of prosperity, purity, chastity, and generostiy. universal female
xi jiang. flows where? does what to form what? also called? west river. flows in south china. joins three other rivers to form an estuary
japans landfills. used for what? to reclaim land for most of the major cities along the coast
Huang he. flows where? also called? why? does what? yellow river. from silt flowing in it. terrible floods
long march. big what of who? why? 1. retreat. 2. communist party of china. 3. to evade the pursuit of the Kuomintang army
four olds custom. culture. habits. ideas.
four modernizations agriculture. industry. science and technology. military
early US trade with japan. us sent who and what happened? sent Matthew c perry to negotiate a trade while warships anchored the harbor. japan signed
US occupation of Japan did what for japan? 3 democracy. no more military. first time japan ruled by foreigners
atomic bomb. by whom to whom? some say what? by US to japan. the reason why japan surrendered
James cook European explorer who claim Australia for UK
great dividing range. does what where long mt range along the east coast of Australia that blocks precipitation
Maoris first settled new Zealand
British settlers in Australia first did what penal colony
European HEI in New Zealand build dams to generate electricity, agriculture, manufacturing and service
land use in NZ land used for farming, ranching wood and paper products
Micronesia means small islands
Polynesia means many islands
Melanesia means black islands
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