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British Vocab


Constitutional Monarchy HOS holds position based on heredity, limited in powers by Constitutional constraints.
Unwritten Constitution Brit. does not have one document "constitution of crown": imp. documents, common law, legal codes, customs.
Commonwealth association of independent states UK, former colonies, and territories
Parliamentary Sovereignty Constitutional principle. leg. has power to make or overturn law w\o recourse from any other branches.
Fusion of Powers Constitutional principle merging authority of branches of gov't. Parliament; supreme leg, exec, and jud. authority
Collective Responsibility cabinet members' attitude on supporting the final consensus
Shadow Cabinet Opposition Party
Backbenchers less influential members of Parlia.
Vote of Confidence if cabinet not supported by House of Commons, must be reelected
Question Hour Once a week PM& Cabinet check majority party
Third Way Tony Blair free market, service and tax cuts
Oxbridge Oxford, and Cambridge, prestigious universities graduate politicians.
Westminster Model Parlia. sovereignty no checks and balances majoritarian electoral system
Unitary National Gov't has power, dispensed to sub.
Single-Member Plurality electoral system, candidates run for a single voting district's seat. Most votes-winner winner take all
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