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Hersey Vocab Olympic

The Olympics by Kristi McCracken

agility quickness and coordination
archeologist a scientist who tries to find the truth of things that happened in the past
chariot a roofless carriage pulled by one or more horses
column a long, usually round stone support that holds up a bigger structure
diaulos a Greek race that ran two lengths of the stadium
drachma an ancient Greek coin
hippodrome a track for horse races
ode a serious poem written to honor a person or event
javelin a throwing spear
Korebus the first Olympic winner whose record was written down
momentum the force of a moving object
oracle where the gods answered questions through a person or place
palaestra a place to practice combat sports, such as wrestling or boxing
pankration a combat sport mixing wrestling and boxing
Panhellenic athletic events that included the Olympics, Pythian, Isthmian, and Nemean Games
penthalon a sporting contest with five events
ritual a custom or ceremony that is repeated (same form & rules)
sacrifice offering some thing to a god
spectators people who watch an event
triathlon a sporting contest with three events
truce a stop in a war or fight
wreath a ring of leaves or flowers that has been tied together
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