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Spiral Galaxy

Page 2 Science Terms

spiral galaxy a galaxy with a bulge in teh middle and arms that spiral outward in a pinwheel pattern
irregular galaxy a galaxy that does not have a regular shape
quasar a very large bright, distant galaxy with a giant black hole at its center
milky way another name for our galaxy
nucleus, coma, and tail 3 main parts of a comet
The heat from the sun pushes the gas and dust outward What forms a comets tail?
Halley's Comet Comet that travels 7 billion miles in one orbit around the sun
comets or asteroids Where do meteoroids come from?
Earth's gravity How do meteoroids fall into the Earth's atmosphere?
Meteorites The craters on the moon were caused by?
Favorable conditions needed to live What does goldilock's conditions mean?
temperature, color, size, compostion, brightness 5 Characteristics used to slassify stars?
9.5 million a light year equals about what in kilometers?
helium and hydrogen What 2 gases are found in a star?
It's mass What determines how long a star lives?
six How many stages does a star gro through?
False The life span of a star is about 3 miilion years? True or False
True The sun is a star. True or False
True Our sun in about about 4.6 billion years old. True or False
It explodes What happens to a supernova after it becomes so bright?
False Ellliptical galaxies contain only new stars. True or False
M87 Which galaxy have sientist found what they think is a black hole?
Spiral What type of galaxy is the Milky Way?
The stars look like a road of milk at night. Why is our galaxy named after milk?
It's too large Why is our galaxy measured in light years rather than kilometers or miles?
nebula, baby star, star, super giant, white dwarf, black dwarf List the six stages in teh life of a star.
Created by: angiewatts