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Anatomy & Physiology

Muscular System Study Guide (Muscles)

Axial Musculature Head & Neck
Axial Musculature Spine
Axial Musculature Trunk/abs
Axial Musculature Axial Musculature
Appendicular Musculature Pectoral Girdle
Appendicular Musculature Forearm Muscles
Appendicular Musculature Wrist Musculature
Appendicular Musculature Hand Musculature
Appendicular Musculature Hip & Thigh Musculature
Appendicular Musculature Knee Musculature
Appendicular Musculature Ankle Musculature
Appendicular Musculature Toe Musculature
Axial Musculature Grouped by Location Function, or both.
Appendicular Musculature Stabilize or move limbs; serves as shock absorbers and transfer weight.
Rotate Neck/ Laterally flex Sternocleidomastoid
Extend Spine Erector Spine
Trunk Flexion Internal/External Oblique, Rectus Abdominus
Breathing Diaphragm
Support pelvic organs, bowel movements Perineum
Trapezius Pectoral Girdle
Rhomboid Pectoral Girdle
Deltoid Pectoral Girdle
Rotator cuff Pectoral Girdle
Pec Major Pectoral Girdle
Lattissimus Dorsi Pectoral Gridle
Bicep Brachiii Forearm Muscles
Triceps Brachii Forearm Muscles
Flexi carpi ulnaris, flexi carpi radialis Wrist Musculature
Extensor carpi ulnaris, extensor carpi radialis Wrist Musculature
Flexor Digitorm Hand Musculature
Extensor Digitorum Hand Musculature
Gluteus Maximus Hip and Thigh Musculature
ADD Magnus, Add Brevis, Add Longus & Pectineus Hip and Thigh Musculature
Lliopsoas Hip and Thigh Musculature
Hamstring Knee Musculature
Quadriceps Knee Musculature
Gastrocemuis Ankle Musculature
Tibialis Anterior Ankle Musculatre
Tibialis Posterior Ankle Musculature
Peroneals Ankle Musculature
Hallicus Toe Musculature
Extensor Digitorium Longus Toe Musculature
Flexor Digitorum Longus Toe Musculature
Sternocleidomastoid Head and Neck
Erector Spinae Spine
Internal/External Oblique and Rectus Abdominus Trunk/Abs
Diaphram Trunk/Abs
Rotate/Laterally flex neck Trapezius
Retraction of Scapulae Rhomboid
ABDuction Arm Deltoid
SISTm Supraspinatus, Infraspinatus, Subscapularis, and Teres Minor
SISTm Rotator Cuff
Shoulder Flexion Pec Major
Back Lattissimus Dorsi
Elbow Flexion Biceps Brachii
Elbow Extension Triceps Brachii
Wrist Flexion Flexi carpi ulnarius,flexi carpi radialis
Wrist extension Extensor carou ulnaris, extensor carpi radialis
Finger Flexion (make fist) Flexor Digitorium
Finger Extension Extensor Digitorium
Hip Extension Gluteus Maximus
Hip Adduction Add Magnus, Add Brevis, Add Longue, and Pectineus
Hip Flexion Lliopsoas
Hamstrings Biceps Femoris, Semitendinosis, and Semimembranosus
Knee Flexion Hamstring
Quadriceps Rectus Femoris, Vastus Lateralis, Vastus Medialis, Vastus Intermedius
Knee Extension Quadriceps
Plantarflexion (gas pedal) Gastrocnemius, Soleus
Dorsiflexion (foot to nose) Tibialis Anterior
Inversion (foot IN) Tibialis Anterior-Tibialis Posterior
Eversion (foot OUT) Peroneals
Great Toe Hallicus
Toe Extension Extensor Digoruum Longus- Extensor HHallicus Longer
Toe Flexion (curl toes) Flexor Digitorium Longus-Flexor Hallicus Longus
Created by: tangiealea