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What does recycle mean? collect old materials, process them, and make new items
What is an example of reuse? when you refill a water bottle instead of throwing it away
What is an example of reduce? when you ride your bike instead of driving a car
What is a pollutant? a material that causes pollution
What is litter? trash that is thrown on the ground or in water
What are the three types of pollution? air, land, or water
What is a decomposer? an organism that breaks down the remains of a dead organism
What is pollution? the addition of harmful materials to the environment
What is conservation? when we take care of the earth's resources and do not waste them
What is an ecosystem? all living and non living things in an environment
What is green agriculture? farming that helps preserve ecosystems
What does biodegradable mean? matter that breaks down easily in the environment
How can humans make a positive impact on the environment? Humans make a positive impact on the environment when the take care of earth's resources. Use the 3R's )reduce, reuse, recycle
What are ways to conserve energy? turn off lights when you leave the room, encourage people to car pool to save gas
What are ways to conserve water? Don't leave the water running when you brush your teeth, take shorter showers, use the same water that you cook with to water plants when it cools
Created by: mistym