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Science Test Ch 2

5th grade Science Test Chapter 2 BJU

Any part of a trace of a living organism that is natural or preserved after it dies fossil
rot away decompose
Most of the fossils that we see today are clear evidence of a ________________. worldwide flood
Fossils that are made when bone or wood is replaced by minerals that harden into rock are called ________________. petrified fossils
Sometimes an organism is pressed into a rock and leaves an imprint, or ________________. mold
A ______________ is formed when sediment fills in the empty space in a mold and produces a copy of the shape of an organism. cast
A ____________ is a dark image made from plants pressed in rock. carbon film
Plants and animals can be fossilized in a hardened, yellow plant sap called _________________ amber
What is a trace fossil? It is formed from something an organism left behind
What are three things in which fossils can be preserved? tar, ice and amber
People draw conclusions about fossils based on what they _____________ about how the earth began. believe
People who believe that life on earth developed gradually, or evolved, are called ___________________. evolutionists
People who believe that God spoke and ____________ the earth and all forms of life in six days are called ________________. created; creationists
Evolution or Creation: Layers of rock represent geologic ages, or long time periods. Evolution
Evolution or Creation: The age of a fossil can be revealed by looking at the layer of rock in which the fossil is found. Evolution
Evolution or Creation: The Flood in Genesis 6 - 8 accounts for the formation of most fossils. Creation
Evolution or Creation: The earth is only thousands of years old. Creation
Evolution or Creation: Life on the earth has developed over millions of years. Evolution
Evolution or Creation: The earth came into being simply by chance. Evolution
Evolution or Creation: Genesis 1 explains the true origin of the earth. Creation
The scientific study of fossils is called _________________. paleontology
The process of removing a fossil from the rock and other materials around it is called _______________. excavation
Put in order the basic steps of excavating a fossil: 1 - Excavate, or remove, the fossils 2 - Make a detailed map of the site 3 - Photograph the site 4 - Number the individual bones 5 - Wrap the bones to keep them from breaking 3, 2, 1, 4, 5
Creation or Evolution: Fossils were buried by a sudden catastrophe like the Flood. Creation
Creation or Evolution: Simple organisms gradually evolved into new, complex forms of life. Evolution
Creation or Evolution: The position of a fossil in a rock may show how the animal attempted to avoid the Flood's waters. Creation
List two things a scientist cannot know for sure from the skeleton of an animal diet, muscles, outward appearance
In what way does the outward appearance of modern animals help paleontologists? Make guesses to what it could look like
What is one problem with using carbon dating to date fossils? scientists have to guess to find a date
The word dinosaur comes from words meaning ______________. terrible lizard
We know that dinosaurs lived in many different places because dinosaur bones have been found _______________. All over the world
Paleontologists can make good guesses about the appearance of a dinosaur by looking at its __________________. skeleton
The Behemoth, Leviathan, dragons and flying serpents described in the Bible may have been ________________. dinosaurs
Extinction for many plants and animals can be caused by ___________, lack of ______________, or changes in the _______________ ?, food, weather
Evolution or Creation: Birds developed from dinosaurs. Evolution
Evolution or Creation: Dinosaurs and man lived at the same time. Creation
Evolution or Creation: Most animals outside of the ark were destroyed by the Flood. Creation
What are two things that fossils may tell us about dinosaurs? If they could fly or swim
How do we know that dinosaurs and man lived at the same time? God made them on the fifth day when man was created.
Created by: bgpalmers
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