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AP MOD. I-Resp.

The Respiratory System

pulmonary ventilation (breathing)-moving air into and out of the lungs
external respiration exchange of gases between air in the lungs and in the blood
internal respiration exchange of gases between blood and cells of the body
cellular respiration actual use of oxygen by cells
inspiration (inhalation)-moves air into the lungs
expiration (exhalation)-moves air out of the lungs
eupnea normal respiratory rate
dyspnea labored or difficult breathing, often associated with hypoventilation
orthopnea dyspnea that is releived by moving into an upright or sitting position
apnea breathing thta stops completely for a brief period of time
Cheyne-Stokes respiration (CSR)-cycles of alternating apnea and hperventilation
respiratory arrest failure to resume breathing after a period of apnea
bronchitis acute inflammation of the bronchi
pneumonia acute inflammation of the lungs
tuberculosis (TB)-chronic bacillus infection, highly contageous
chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)-conditions of progressive irreversible obstruction of expiratory air flow
emphysema abnormal condition of trapped air in alveoili that causes them to rupture
asthma recurring spasms of the airways
lung cancer mailignant tumor of the lung
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