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NJCA 5/6

Observing God's World, Test 3, Ch 2. (2.1-2.6)

Tiny hairs on the spider's body is called... Setae (pronounced see - tee) These hair pick up vibrations and act as a sense organ.
I have no backbone, an external skeleton, a segmented body and jointed appendages. Think big! I am... An Arthropod Insects are in this group but there are so many more that have the same characteristics.
I am shed my external skeleton. This process is called... Molting
The scientific name uses two specific names. What are they? The GENUS and the SPECIES
Insects have ________ body regions. THREE Head, Thorax and Abdomen
I am active at night, I am... Nocturnal Active in the day time is called diurnal.
Spiders have how many legs? 8 Insects have 6.
The poisonous spider with an hourglass on its body. Black Widow The brown recluse has a violin shape on its body.
T/F: Book Lungs are found in the abdomen of insects. FALSE Book lungs are found in SPIDERS. SPIDERS ARE NOT INSECTS!
Tarantulas are the ______ spiders in the world. LARGEST
I am a newborn spider. I will move from the nest by catching strands of silk in the wind. This is called... Ballooning
What two languages were used in scientific names? Greek and ..... Latin. The reason was because back in the day, everyone knew these two languages. It opened the doors of communication across the world when someone discovered a new species.
Parasite that causes mange on animals. MITE
Arachnid with a need-like point on the end of the tail. Scorpion
Entomologists are scientists who study .... Insects
What percentage of all arthropods are insects? 90% That's a lot!
Created by: rudd76