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Word Dissection

Final 2

____ology study of
mono one
pre____ before
oid resembling
poly many
gam/gamy marriage
pluto wealth
ultra____ extreme
derm/derma/dermato skin
the/theo god
mis____ bad
phon/phone/phono/phony sound
astr/astro star
dem/demo people
cephal/cephalo/cephaly head
dyna/dynam/dynamo power
uni one
crat one who believes in govermnet by
genesis origin of
_____graphy written about
mal___ bad/poor
con___ with/together
auto self
seis/seismo/sismo quake
gastr/gastro stomach
bi two
card/cardi/cardio heart
sub under/below
lateral side
caco bad
____itis inflamation
hyd/hydro water
pyr/pyro fire
chrom/chroma/chrome/chromo/chromato color
gyn/gyny/gyneco woman
lith/litho stone
cosm/cosmo universe
maniac insane person
therm/thermo heat
_____phobe one who fears
fore____ before
aristo elite
burea department
andr/andro/andry man
encephal/encephalo brain
tel/tele long distance
spec/spect look
neo new
duc/duce/duct to lead
ego self
ot/oto ear
____phile person who loves
retro back
potent power
tox/toxi/toxico/toxo poison
audi/audio hear
eu___ good
micro small
___algia/algesia pain
pent/penta five
log/logo/logy/logu/logue study of
lingu/lingua tongue
chron/chrono time
hema/hemo/hemato blood
biblio book
ject to throw
enter/entero intestine
locu/loqu/loquy speak
miso hate
___scope view
path/pathy disease
latr/latry side
sci know
intra within
trans/tran across
hyper excessive
xero dry
ichthy/ichythyo fish
flex bend
semi half
tors/tort/torqu/tortu twist
klept/klepto/clept/clepto steal
vis/visu see
macr/macro large
mit/mitt send
flu/flux flow
muta change
vacu empty
voc/voke call
onym/onymy name
pel/pell drive
hypo under
neur/neuro nerve
acerb bitter
dur/dura hard
ped/pod/pody foot
soph/sophy wise
phyt/phyto plant
Created by: lovemehateme