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Latin_12 week

everything on 12 week test

femina woman
agricola farmer
nauta sailor
ancilla maid/helper
dea god/goddes
regina queen
filia daughter
colonus farmer
amicus friend
dominus lord/master
filius son
puer boy child
servus slave
socius companion
vir man
provincia province
terra earth/ground
copia supply
nebula cloud
silva forest
rex,regis king
plebs, plebis common people
civis,civis citizen
fur,furis thief
frater,fratris brother
custos,custodis guard
dux, ducis leader
princeps, principis emporer
senex, senis old man
pastor, pastoris sheppered
pater, patris father
mulier, mulieris woman
soror, sororis sister
uxor, uxoris wife
medicus, medici doctor
homo, hominis man
puella girl
insula island
patria country
via road
ego i
tu you
nos we/us
vos you(p)
ille/illa he/she
mater, matris mother
bibliotheca library
culina kitchen
spelunca cave
ripa river bank
casa house
hortus garden
campus open field
ager, agri cultivated field
auxilium help
litus, litoris ocean shore
urbs, urbis city
mare, maris sea
mons, montis mountain
aqua water
pectus chest
pes, pedis feet
vox, vocis voice
caput, capitis head
cor, cordis heart
corpus, corporis live body
cadaver, cadaveris dead body
os, ossis bone
os, oris mouth
collum neck
bracchium arm
manus hand
auris, auris ears
nasus nose
oculus eyes
dens, dentis teeth
digitus fingers
genu knee
capillus hair
supercilium eyebrow
amo to love
laudo to praise
porto to carry
pugno to fight
specto to watch
voco to call
narro to tell
poto to drink
saluto to greet
impero to order
castigo to scold
aedifico to build
convoco to come together
vulnero to wound
video to see
doceo to teach
teneo to hold
terreo to scare
timeo to be scared
moneo to warn
intellegere to understand
legere to read
scribere to write
tangere to touch
confidere to trust
discere to learn
ostendere to show
relinquere to leave behind(relinquish)
dicere to say
incendere to set on fire
quaerere to want/ask
repellere to push away
vincere to defeat
incipere to begin
aperire to open
audire to hear
navigare to sail
habitare to live
laborare to work
ambulare to walk
clamare to shout
errare to wander
debere to owe
latere to hide
ridere to laugh
sedere to sit
vivere to be alive
evanescere to dissapear/vanish
cadere to fall
cedere to yeild
disistere to stop
quiescere to rest
currere to rush
fugere to flee
dormire to sleep
scire to know
advenire to approach
dolere to be sad
vendere to sell
frangere to break
bonus good
inimicus unfriendly
iratus angry
eruditus smart
pauci few (small)
pulcher handsom/pretty
tactitus silent
egregius outstanding
pius dutiful
sollicitus worried
fatuus stupid
omnis all
pauper poor
potens powerful
prudens wise
turpis ugly
vehemens stubborn
audax bold
celer quick
malus bad
felix lucky
acer,acris sharp
facilis easy
circum around
e/ex out of
de down from
sub under
pro for
inter between
simul at the same time
tuarus bull
aries ram
piscis fish
rabies madness
genus type(genre)
species appearance
aurum gold
ferrum iron
argentum silver
plumbum lead
hydrargyrum mercury
interim meanwhile
verbatim word for word
statim immediately
sententia an opinion
epistula a letter
vita life
cotidie everyday
ubique everywhere
infra below
contra against
intra within
ultra above
levis light
benignus kind/nice
ferus wild
tenuis thin/weak
timor,timoris fear/fright
pallere to be pale/white
olfacere to smell
ardere to burn
exacerbare to aggrivate
acrimonia bitterness
beneficentia kindness
fallacia life(fib)
parsimonia very frugle/thrifty
penuria poverty
balaena whale
porcus pig
vacca cow
equus horse
avis bird
leo, leonis lion
canis, canis dog
feles, felis cat
aquila eagle
apis, apis bees
accipiter, accipitris hawk
pullus chicken
lupus wolf
formica ant
ursus bear
cancer crab
aranea spider
musca fly
rana frog
bubo owl
why was arabia not concquered by the romans? because of dry, hot desert
why was africa not concquered by the romans? because of dry, hot desert
what does africa literally mean? darkness
why was germenia not concquered by the romans? pile of bones
why was scotland not concquered by the romans? because cold and rainy and blue faced people
what language to people in scotland speak? celtic
why was ireland not concquered by the romans? coldrainy
what language do people in ireland speak? gaelic
identify the language that formed a basis for much of latin greek
name the five romance languages french, spanish, italian, portugese, romanian
why are the 5 languages called the romance languages? because the ROMANS concquered them
why are the romance languages similiar and different? similiar - all based on latin, different- the original language is mixed in with the latin
define onomatopeia and give an example "to do a name", BOOM
hispania spain
gailia france
britannia england
caledonia scotland
lusitania portugal
hibernia ireland
belgica belgium
define australia literally south
define the latin roots for the word "pro crastinate" pro=for, for+cras=tommorow
the origin of the english word "salary" sal=salt - salt was valuable, soldiers were paid in salt
the "roman view" behind the word vulgaris vulgaris=common people, poor grammar & no formal education
the date of mt vesuvius's eruption august 24 A.D. 79
the two primary twons destoryed by vesuvius's eruption pompei and herculaneum
in what manner were virtually all roman cities laid out? grid pattern
litterally define aquaeductus leader of water
what did the romans name themselves? the celts
the difference between "entertainment" offered both at theaters n ampitheaters theaters - drama, play etc. ampitheaters - gladiators, killings, chariot races etc.
define atrium main hallway of a house, large foyer
parat, ditat, durat it prepares, it enriches, it endures
ad hoc to this
ad hominem to the man
ad nauseam to seasickness
alibi in another place
alma mater nourishing mother
alumnus/alumna foster child
alter ego another i
annuit coeptis he approves of our undertakings
novus ordo seclorum a new order of ages
el pluribus unum out of more, one
anno domini (A.D.) in the year of the christian lord
ante bellum before the war
bona fide in good faith
sic semper tyrannis thus always to tyrants
carpe diem sieze the day
casus belli cause of war
cave canem beware of the dog
caveat emptor let the buyer beware
circa around/approximitely
cogito ergo sum i think, therefore i am
confer comapre
credo i believe
de jure from law
de facto from the fact
emeritus/emerita with merit
et alii and the others(people)
et cetera and the others things
ex post facto from what is done afterward
exempli gratia for the sake of example
habeas corpus maye you have the body
homo sapiens wise man
ibidem in the same place
id est that is
libra scale
mea culpa (by) my fault
modus operandi way of operating
non sequitur it does not follow
nota bene note well
opus citatum work cited
per centum out of each hundred
per se by itself
placebo i will please
quod vide which see
sic thus
sub poena under penalty
tabula rasa blank slate
tempus fugit time flies
terra firma solid earth
terra incognita unknown land
vice versa the order having been changed
semper fidelis always faithful
semper paratus always prepared
what is zues's latin name? jupiter
poseidons latin name neptune
artemis's latin name diana
hephaestus's latin name vulcan
hermes's latin name mercury
apollos latin name apollo
zues sacred animal eagle
poseidons savred animal sea horse
athenas sacred animal owl
aphrodites sacred animal dove
Apollos sacred animal raven
king of the gods zues
queen of the gods hera
goddess of wisdom athena
god of war ares
jupiters father saturn
jupiters grand father urnaus
"race" of creatures that ruled the universe before being overthrown by the olympians the titans
zues literally in greek god
hera's latin name juno
athenas latin name minerva
aphrodites latin name venus
ares's latin name mars
demeters latin name cerces
dionysos bachus
heras sacred animal peacock
dionysos tiger
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