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Latin for Children primer A - Ch 5 - Review

amō, amāre, amāvī, amātum to love
dō, dare, dedī, datum to give
intrō, intrāre, intrāvī, intrātum to enter
labōrō, labōrāre, labōrāvī, labōrātum to work
nārrō, nārrāre, nārrāvī, nārrātum to tell
aqua, aquae water
fābula, fābulae story
porta, portae gate
silva, silvae forest
terra, terrae earth
via, viae road, way
fossa, fossae ditch
mēnsa, mēnsae table
mēta, mētae turning point, goal
pāgina, pāginae page
cēna, cēnae dinner
patria, patriae fatherland
aura, aurae breeze
rēgīna, rēgīnae queen
īnsula, īnsulae island
errō, errāre, errāvī, errātum to wander
stō, stāre, stetī, statum to stand
parō, parāre, parāvī, parātum to prepare
spectō, spectāre, spectāvī, spectātum to look at
sum, esse, fuī, futūrum to be
ancilla, ancillae (f) maid-servant
glōria, glōriae (f) glory
īra, īrae (f) anger
unda, undae (f) wave
fenestra, fenestrae (f) window
puella, puellae (f) girl
fēmina, fēminae (f) woman
fīlia, fīliae (f) daughter
germāna, germānae (f) sister
magistra, magistrae (f) female teacher
discipula, discipulae (f) female student
domina, dominae (f) female master
famula, famulae (f) female servant
serva, servae (f) female slave
amīca, amīcae (f) female friend
Created by: alcarohtare