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ISB 200

1st Set

Vestigial Structures Bones that don't have much use... Coccyx , Appendix
Anatomy Structures that are built fundamentally the same way but have wide differences
Endemic Species Forms only known from a restricted geographic area
Heresy opinion/ doctrine at a varaiance with orthodox accepted doctrine, especially of a Church or Religious system
Paleontology study of ancient animals & plants
Theory Well tested hypothesis
Natural Philosophy (Method) how science works... The study of nature and the physical universe before the advent of modern science.
Renassance Rebirth
Axioms Simple self-evident statements, that are beyond dispute
Philosophy "Love of Knowledge"
Ancient Rome Better medicine than greeks Maintain their army and better medical care Better roads/ engineering Catholic church is the only one who can read
Egyptian Mythology (Dung)Scarab beetle pushes up the sun
Christopher Columbus Idea that the world was round Helped by the Phillip&Isabella after war
Arabic (Islamic People) Invent the numeric system we use today
Aristotle (Eratosthenes) Sphere Earth Tilted 23.5 degrees axis with seasons
Mayan Mayan calendar Dec.12.2013 Planet Nibiru will collide w/earth
Galileo Venus , moon phases - Loved books and literacy Garbage in Garbage out Reiscovery of classic works Natural Philosophy!!!! hypothesis and axioms Falling bodies - water clocks and air resistance
Sir Francis Bacon The rise of science theater of the mind Observer can bring things to the observations that distort the results if not careful
Phillip & Isabella Helped Christopher columbus Council told them that the ship would not make it
Roman Inquisition Court to stop Heresy Put Galileo under house arrest
Copernicus Helped Galileo Everything rotates around the sun
Lazzaru Spallanzani Work w/ microorganisms Killed Microorganism by boiling them in broth Open jar organisms Closed jar none
The french academy of sciences Biogenesis(louis pasteur) vs Abiogensis(Felix Pouchet) normal vs abnormal reproduction of life
Francesco Redi Shows that maggots don't arise from rotten meat open jar experiment
Georges de Buffon Pioneered in Biogeography Dispersal Problem center of creation( endemic species)
Carolus Linnaeus Binomial system of nomenclature (classified in the 7 layers)
7 Layers of Classified Organisms 1.Species 2.Genus 3.Family 4.Order 5.Class 6.Phylum 7.Kingdom
Paul Broca Women are less intelligent, filling brain with sand to measure smarts
Josiah Wedgewood II Charles Darwins Brother in law Gave Charles the money to go on voyage
Dr. Robert Darwin Rich Didn't loan $ to Charles to voyage around the world
Jean- Baptiste Lamarch Evolution Proposals No time to evolve No viable mechanism for evolution
Captain Robert Fitzroy RN (Royal Navy) H.M.S. Beagle , sailed Charles around the world
Rev JS Henslow Cambridge professor into botany Let Darwin sail w/ Fitzroy
George Cuvier -Anatomy -Paleontology -extinction -Catastrophism oldest rocks at bottom, young at top
Adam Hebrew : Man Named all the species in the same area
Charles Robert Darwin Edwinburg, Medicine, Cambridge , theology only degree he earned Met REV JS and sailed with Fitz NS
Emma Josiah Wedgwood II's daughter and Charles best friend
Fuegian Tribal Group pop-3-5000 today none Met darwin and captian
Created by: 601529689
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