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Music Memory 2014


Began studying piano at 5. Also studied cello and organ. Created puppet shows for his family that sometimes included music for violin and glockenspiel. Orff
Born in Fresnillo, Mexico. Grew up in Aguascalientes. Studied under Paul Dukas in Europe. Ponce
Born in England and chose the trombone as his major instrument. His grandfather played the harp, father the organ and mother was singer. Attended school with Ralph Vaughan Williams a the Royal College of Music. Holst
Born in Italy, studied music early and began composing operas in his 20s. Puccini
Born in Austria. Had a beautiful singing voice. Left home at 6 to begin musical training. Haydn
Born in Germany. Practiced on a secret clavichord at the top of his house while the family slept. Handel
Born in Votkinsk, Russia. Learned to speak German and French by age 6 and started piano lessons at age 7. Was imaginative and inventive but shy and had low self-esteem. Tchaikovsky
Born in Leipzig, Germany in 1813. Wagner
Born in Austria. Began composing while still a toddler. Early life spent as a travelling performer with his father and sister, Nannerl. Mozart
Born in Washington, DC. As a child, learned to play cornet and trombone. Father played trombone in the Marine Band. Sousa
Born in Hamburg, Germany. She and her brother, Felix, began composing at an early age. Fanny Mendelssohn
Born in Paris, France. Entered the Paris Conservatory of Music at age 9. Studied in Rome for three years after winning a composition contest. Bizet
Born in Germany. Father taught him piano at age 4. He was hoping to study with Mozart, but he had to take care of his family. Beethoven
Born in Hamburg, Germany. Father was a double bass player for the Hamburg Theatre and taught son to play violin and cello. His favorite instrument was the piano. Learned Hungarian folk music from his Hungarian violenist friend Remenyi. Brahms
Born in Russia. Mother played piano Wrote his first piano piece at 5 years old Learned to play chess at 7 and eventually would beat world chess champions Entered St. Petersburg Conservatory of Music when he was 13 and studied with Rimsky-Korsakov Prokofiev
Created by: eeblodgett
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