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AP GOV Ch. 18 Siftar

AP US Government Wilson Ch. 18 - Kinnick

Why was it insisted upon that the Bill of Rights be added to the Constitution? Because it was thought that the federal government would try to do things it was not authorized to do.
The Bill of Rights is an important limitation on what? Popular rule
What is Libel? Written statement that defames the character of another person.
What is search and seizure? Police have a right to search you and your possesions, but need "probable cause" or a warrant in order to do so.
Which Supreme Court case involved the burning of the American flag? Texas v. Johnson
This man was not told his rights before he confessed to a crime. Miranda
Actions that take place of words. Symbolic Speech
How many of these did Madison write which of only ten were passed? The Bill of Rights
What are Civil liberties? Freedoms that protect indviduals from the government to a certain extent
Freedom of association, freedom of speech, freedom to assembly, and freedom of religion are all examples of what? Civil liberties
States the government shall not make no law "respecting an establishment of religion" Establishment clause
Evidence that is gathered in violation of the Constitution can not be used in a case due to what/ exclusionary rule
Created by: cwourman