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RVI Progect


Fairyland a place of delicate beauty or magical charm.
Consumption eating or using something.
Convenient easy to use.
Effect result.
Global around the world.
Satisfy to make someone happy.
Available ready to do or use something.
Explore search or looking at something.
Familiar to well known someone or the place.
Raise to uplift or move something.
Ability having the skill to do something.
Essential very important.
Judgment having the ability to decide if a choice is a good choice or bad choice.
Sufficient enough.
Unfortunate unlucky
Sweep to clean the floor with broom.
Pathological extreme (like Winn-Dixie's) extreme fear of thunder.
Intend to mean something.
Notion idea , opinion.
Sorrow sadness, pain.
Created by: akane011