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European Portuguese house 2

o sabonete soap
a torneira tap
o papel higiénico toilet paper
a sanita toilet
a esponja sponge
o cabide pegs
os cartazes pitures
o candeeiro lamp
courtyard pátio (m)
railings (fence) cerca (f)
brick (noun) tijoIo (m)
brick (building) de tijolos
stone (noun) pedra (f)
stone (made of stone) de pedra
concrete (noun) betão (m)
concrete (adj) de betão
decrepit (house) dilapidado
multistory de muitos andares
single-story de um andar
ground floor andar (m) baixo
top floor andar (m) superior
tiles (for roof) teIha (f)
tiled de teIha
glass vidro (m)
window Iedge/sill peitoril (m)
shutters contraventos (m pI)
balcony balcão (m)
to go up (the stairs) ascender (vi, vt)
to come down descer (vi)
to move (to new house) mudar-se (vp)
stairs (steps) degraus (m pI)
banisters corrimão (m)
Iobby (e.g., hoteI ~) haII (m)
mailbox caixa (f) postaI
to take the elevator tomar o elevador
tenants moradores (m pI)
eIectricity eletricidade (f)
Iight buIb lâmpada (f)
switch (for Iight) interruptor (m)
handle, doorknob maçaneta (f)
to unlock (unbolt) descerrar (vt)
room aposento (m)
study gabinete (m)
ceiling tecto/ teto (m)
floor chão (m), soalho (m)
corner (inside room) canto (m)
to put away (vt) pôr de lado, colocar (vt)
dust pó (m)
dusty poeirento
to dust (vt) tirar o pó
disorder, mess desordem (f)
furniture (for house) móveis (m pI)
Created by: usch64