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Sci-110 Notecards

barometer instrument that measures atmospheric pressure
standard atmospheric pressure average measurement of atmospheric pressure, also called normal pressure, and one atmosphere of pressure
greenhouse effect the process of heating the atmosphere in the lower parts by the absorption of solar radiation and re-emission of infrared radiation.
inversion layer where the temperature increases in height
wind horizontal movement of air
jet stream powerful belt of wind near the top of the troposhere
saturated air equilibrium condition between evaporation and condensation
humidity the amount of water vapor in the air
absolute humidity measurement of the amount of water vapor in the air at a particular time
relative humidity the relationship between the actual absolute humidity and the maximum humidity at a certain temperature
dew point temperature the temperature at which condensation begins
dew if above 32 degrees F the water vapor that is liquidized
frost if temperature is below 0 degrees C the water vapor is a solid
condensation nuclei tiny particles in the air that are from condensation of water vapor
precipitation water that returns to the surface of Earth, in either the liquid or solid form
ice-forming nuclei the liquid droplets between -40 degrees C and 0 degrees C solid particles
air mass large more or less uniform body of air with nearly the same temperature and moisture conditions
front the boundary between air masses of different temperatures
cold front when cold air mass moves into warmer air displacing it
warm front warm air mass advances over a mass of cooler air
stationary front stream of cold air moves along the north side of the front, and a stream of warm air moves along the south side in an opposite direction
occluded front lifted completely off the ground into the atmosphere
storm other fronts accompanied by a rapid and violent weather change
thunderstorm brief but intense storm, with rain, lightning and thunder, and gusty and often strong winds, and sometimes hail
hail a frozen form of precipitation that can be very destructive
tornado smallest, most violent weather disturbance, long narrow funnel or ropelike structure that drops from a thunder cloud and may or may not touch the ground
hurricane very intense low pressure area with winds greater than 75 mi/h or less, over the atlantic or pacific ocean east of the international dateline
typhoon very intense low-pressure area of wind greater than 75 mi/h that occurs over the north pacific ocean west of the international dateline
climate general pattern of the weather that occurs for a region over a number of years
climate change departure from the expected average pattern of climate for a region over time
proxy data a natural source used to infer temperature change, rainfall, or some other past climate condition
wind chill factor time depended on the air temperature and the wind speed calculation
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