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from the GI paowerpoint on D2L

Calories per kilogram recommended per day 20-35
What percentage of total calories should come from carbohydrates? 45-65%
Fats should be limited to what percentage of total calories? 20-35%
Proteins should be limited to what percentage of daily calories? 10-35%
What is the recommended daily intake of protein (g/kg)? 0.8-1g/kg of body weight
How do you calculate the Body Mass Index? (weight in pounds X 703)/height in inches
What is the difference between primary and secondary malnutrition? Primary is when the diet isn't meeting needs. Secondary is when that has been an alteration in ingestion, digestion, absorption, or metabolisn
Name three manifestations of Malabsorption syndrome: decreased digestive enzymes decreased bowel surface area increased basal metabolic rate
What is Marasmus? Severe malnutritution in children caused by a diet lacking mainly in calories. Can also be caused by disease and parasitic infection
What is Kwashiorkor? Severe malnutritution in children caused by mainly by a protein-poor diet, characterized by growth retardation
Name two types of meds that put a person at risk for malnutrition corticosteroids and antibiotics
What are normal albumin levels? 3.8-4.5g/dL
What are normal pre-albumin levels? 20mg/dL
Which is the better indication of nutritional status; albumin or pre-albumin? pre-albumin
What are normal transferrin levels? 215-380mg/dL 2.15-3.8g/L
What is transferrin? A protein used to transfer iron, it decreases when protein is deficient
What labs, usually drawn to assess nutrition, can also be low due to an inflammatory process? albumin, pre-albumin, and transferrin
When does the Joint Commission require a nutritional screening is done on a new admission? Within the first 24 hours in the hospital
What is megestrol/Megace? An appetite stimulate
What is a Dobhoff? a nasointestinal tube
What is an advantage of a Dobhoff as compared to a regular NG tube? placement in the intestines decreases the risk for aspiration
What is a disadvantage of a Dobhoff as compared to a regular NG tube? the smaller diameter makes it easier to clog
When is a gastrostomy useful? for extended use
When is a jejunostomy used? for patients with reflux or to bypass diseased portions of the GI tract
What is considered best practice for checking placement of a feeding tube? obtain an x-ray before each tube feeding and medication administration
What is one way to determine if the feeding tube has maintained the proper position? mark the exit site of the tubing at the time of the initial x-ray and observe for a change in the external tube length during feedings
What is the most common nutritional problem in the US? obesity
Created by: ld23012