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Chapter 1

habit a behavior that is learned through practice
communication any behavior that lets animals share information
learning a change in behavior that comes about through experience
instinct an inherited behavior that an animal can do without ever learning how to do it
behavior a plant or animal action, reaction, or activity that occurs in response to stimuli (e.g. gravity, light, temperature)
adaptaion nherited characteristics (could be behavioral ?or physical) that help organisms survive or reproduce
learned behavior a change in behavior that comes about through experiences
organism a living thing (could be a plant or an animal)
producer an organism that makes its own food to survive (a plant)
consumer an organism in a food chain that obtains nutrients from producers or other consumers (has to EAT to survive)
carnivore an animal that gets its energy from eating other animals
herbivore an animal that gets its energy from eating plants
omnivore an animal that gets its energy from both plants and animals
life cycle the stages of an organism's growth and development
complete metamorphosis insects that develop into a changed organism through stages with one of them being the larval stage (butterflies, moths, flies)
incomplete metamorphosis type of insect development where the pre-adult looks like the adult (has only three stages- egg, nymph, and adult. The nymph looks like a baby adult)
pupa a stage in the life cycle of an insect that occurs between larva and adult )(the cocoon or chrysalis and a stage in complete metamorphosis)
larva an early stage in the life cycle of an organism that will undergo complete metamorphosis (looks like a worm and a stage in complete metamorphosis
nymph a pre-adult insect undergoing complete metamorphosis
endangered species a species whose population is so small that it's in danger of extinction.
extinct species a species that has died out and no longer exists (can be plant or animal)
inherited trait a trait or characteristic that is passed from parent to offspring by birth
invertebrate an animal without a backbone
vertebrate an animal with a backbone
food chain a diagram representing the transfer of energy from the Sun through producers and a series of consumers (arrows point to where energy goes)
nutrient a substance that an organisms needs to survive and grow (kind of like vitamins)
reproduction the process of making more organisms of the same kind
species a group of the same kind of organisms that can mate and produce offspring that can also reproduce
population all members of the same species living together at the same time in the same area
environment an area that includes all living organisms and the surrounding physical features such as air, water, soil, weather, and landforms
community populations of different species of organisms living together in the same geographic area.
ecosystem all the living and nonliving things that interact with each other in an environment
predator the organism doing the hunting
prey the organism that is being hunted
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