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Sarah Science 9/23

____________ is the process by which water, ice, wind, or gravity moves pieces of rock and soil. Erosion
When rock__________________, or broken into smaller and smaller pieces and often carried away by water, wind, or ice. Weathered
__________, _____________, and _________________carry away weathered rock or soil to another place. Rivers, Streams, and Runoff
_______________________ moving streams and rivers carry big and small rocks downstream. Fast
______________________ moving water carries smaller rocks and soil downstream. Slow
Moving water can also cause__________________ carrying the soil away to a different location Soil Erosion
Sometimes a side of a hill is washed away by running water. The soil and rocks move down the hill in a ______________________ Landslide
_______________ are large valleys created by a river or stream Canyons
Strong________________________ can move sand, small rocks, and soil from one place to another. Wind
______________ both weather and erode. Ice moving over rock breaks them down into smaller pieces (weather) and carries them away (erosion). Glaciers
Eroded soil and rocks are____________________ when water slows down or stops, when wind dies down or stops, when wind dies down or stops blowing, and when glaciers melt. Deposited
Where a river meets an ocean or lake is called the____________ of the river. Mouth
Soil carried by a river is deposited at the mouth and new land is formed. This new soil rich land is known as a _____________ Delta
______________________ are large deposits of sand dropped when the wind stopped blowing. Sand Dunes
A__________________ is the rock and soil left behind by a melting glacier. Morraine
Glaciers pick up rocks and dirt that travel along with the glacier until it eventually melts and is left behind as_______________ Till
________________ is the wearing down of______________ into smaller and smaller pieces. Weathering, Rock
Some causes of weathering are ______________ in the cracks in rock______________ and_____________________ Water, Freezing, Expanding
Plant_________________ growing into rocks (also cause weathering) Roots
_______________ running over rocks, causing the rocks to hit one another and _________________ into smaller pieces (also causes weathering) Water, Break
Wind carrying___________________ that wears away rock (also causes weathering) Sand
____________________ dissolved in water forming an acid that eats holes in the rock (also causes weathering) Carbon dioxide
_________________ in glaciers rubbing against the rock underneath (also causes weathering) Rock
Created by: jmglbrt