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Birth of Blues

Music History

proclaimed himself "Father of Blues': biggest hit was "St.Louis Blues" W.C.Handy
what is the form of the blues AAB
how many lines of lyrics are in most blues verses 3
he learned to play guitar from a farm hand at Dockery Farms; known for his thunderous voice Charley Patton
one of the few women guitarists of her time; helped develop electrified Chicago sound that became part of rock & roll Memphis Minnie
Was one of Patton's proteges; had spiritual intensity Son House
Toured Europe and brought blues to new audience and that influenced the British Invasion Big Bill Broonzy
Was said to have sold his soul to devil for his talents; popularized boogie-woogie; hits like "Sweet Home Chicago" Robert Johnson
Known for his wide vocal range & adding extra measures or notes Blind Lemon Jefferson
Leadbelly combined folk & blues music; famous song was "Goodnight Irene"
"Father of the Boogie"; voice that came from depths of human despair John Lee Hooker
1st blues artist to achieve widespread popularity with rock audience B.B.King
name of B.B.King's guitar Lucille
this continent had styles like Anglo-Scottish ballads, and English & Irish folk songs that influenced blues Europe
This continent had slaves brought to the U.S. and they created field hollers,work songs that led to development of blues Africa
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