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science quiz this we


all of the things around you are called matter
if you keep cutting an object in half and half again u would eventually get down to an atom
atoms r mostley empty
the middle of the atom is the ______ it contains _____ an d______ nuecleus, protons, nutrons
protons have a _____ charge postive
nuetrons have a __ ____ or ______ charge no charge , nuetrual
around the nucleus are the electrons
everything tht u can touch and feel is mostely empty space
how small is an atom ? 1M fit on the head of a pin
____ are the basic building blocks of matter atoms
all matter is made of ___ and ________ atoms, molecules
what is the formula of water H2O
water is made of _ parts _______ and __ part ____ 2 hydrogen 1 oxygen
whta makes an atom diffrent from each other number of protons and eletons or atomic number
atoms are aranged in groups
atoms can all be found on periodic table
the ____ _______ is the number of protons in thre nucleus atomic number
there are __ elements that occur naturally 92
NaCI is the compound for salt
everything in the universe is either _____ orn______ energy ,matter
_____, _____, and _____ are energy heat light sound
THINGS are made of matter
_______ is in every living thing carbon
______ chemistry is a branch of chemistry names after carbon organic
Created by: abby_pottorff_13