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Nature of Science, Metric System, and Experimental Set Up

What is parsimony? The simplest explanation of a theory is usually the one excepted.
What is physical science the study of? Matter and energy
Quantitative Observation A statement that uses number data
What is an observation? statement made using your senses
What is a theory? Broad explanation supported because its backed by a good amount of evidence.
What is a scientific law? A statement that explains WHAT happens under certain conditions, but not why it happens.
What is a hypothesis? A potential answer to a questions that can be tested
What three things must be true about a hypothesis? testable, tentative, falsifiable
True or false: A proven hypothesis becomes a theory false, that is not a proper progression
Qualitative Obsevation a statement made using characteristics
Direct Relationship When the independent variable rises/lowers, the dependent variable rises/lowers
Indirect Relationship When the independent variable rises, the dependent variable lowers. Or if the independent variable lowers, the depe
Independent variable variable that is being tested
Is this a theory, law, a hypothesis, or neither: I enjoy waffles with syrup. neither
Is this a theory, law, a hypothesis, or neither: If I leave a raw egg in the sun light from noon to 1:00 when temperatures are above 80 degrees it will cook. hypothesis
What is a independent variable? the variable that is tested or changed during the experiment.
What is a dependent variable? your expected results of the experiment; the outcome
What is are the constants the variables that must remain the same during the experiment
What is the proper order of our lab reports Make an observation Ask a question construct a hypothesis Write the procedure test the hypothesis analyze the data communicate the results
If someone is wearing a Cubs jersey, is an observation they are a Cubs fan? No, it is an inference. You are predicting.
If someone is wearing a Cubs jersey it is an observation to say they like cheering for losers. No, it is an inference. You are predicting.
If a model train has a height of 6cm, and a length of 10cm, and the actual train has an actual length of 30 meters. What is the scale factor of the model? What is the actual height of the train? Scale factor is 1cm:3m, so the actual train has a height of 18m.
What does it mean to think like a scientist? Think...this has been on the board for three weeks!
Should we, or not, switch to the SI System as the official measurement system of the US? Think...this has been on the board for two weeks!
If I give more fertilizer to one plant than I do another, it will grow larger than the plant without fertilizer. Is this a hypothesis, theory, or law? hypothesis
Official mass measurement of the SI system kg
Official length measurement of the SI System meter
Official volume measurement of the SI System liter
The SI system is a base ten system, as you move up in the system each movement is ten times the next, this is a __________ scale logorithmic
US, Myanmar, and ____________ are the only countries that do not use the SI system Liberia
What are the common six prefixes of the metric system? kilo-hecta-deka-base-deci-centi-milli
What would 67.8g be in kg? decimal would move three spots to the left making it .0678kg
What would 156L be in mL? decimal would move three spots to the right making it 156000mL
What is an inference? making a prediction using observations and prior knowledge