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Latin Review Q-V

Latin review to study 9/24

quaerere to search or look for
quam how, than
quod because
quoque also, too
rapere to seize, grab
recumbere to recline
reddere to give back
res thing
respondere to reply
revenire to come back
ridere to laugh
rogare to ask
saepe often
salutare to greet
salve! hello!
sanguis blood
satis enough
scribere to write
secundus second
sed but
sedere to sit
semper always
senator senator
senex old man
sententia old man
sentire to feel
sevare to save
servus slave
signum sign
silva woods
sollicitus anxious
solus alone
spectaculum spectacle
spectare to look at
stare to stand
statim at once
stultus stupid
subito suddenly
superare overcomes
sugere to rise
suus his
taberna store
tablinum study
tacere to be quiet
tamen however
templum temple
terra land
terrere to frighten
tertius third
timere to fear
toga toga
totus whole
tradere to hand over
tres three
triclinium dining room
tu you (sing.)
tum then
tunica tunic
turba crowd
tuus your, yours
ubi where
umbra ghost, shadow
unus one
urbs city
utilis useful
uxor wife
valde very much
vale! good-bye!
vehementer violently
vendere to sell
venire to come
verberare to beat
via street
videre to see
villa villa
vinum wine
vir to find fault with
vituperare to tell off
vocare to call
vos you (pl.)
Created by: dancinglatin