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AP MOD. II-Skeletal

spongy bone contains red bone marrow
osteocytes bone cells
cartilage has gel-like matrix, no blood vessels
osteoblasts bone froming cells
osteoclasts bone resorbing cells
axial skeleton skull, spine, and thorax
appendicular skeleton upper and lower extremities
synarthroses joint joint with no movement (skull)
amphiarthroses joint joint with slight movement (symphysis pubis)
diarthroses joint joint with free movement-most joints
ball-and-socket joint joint with most movement
osteosarcoma malignant bone neoplasm
chondrosarcoma cancer of cartilage
osteoporosis loss of clacified bone matrix
rickets loss of bone minerals (vitamin D) in infants and children
osteomalacia loss of bone minerals (vitamin D) in adults
Paget disease faulty remodeling resulting in deformed bones that fracture easily
osteogenesis imperfecta brittle bone disease
ostoemyelitis bacterial infection of bone, usually strep.
compound fracture open fracture-bone pierces skin
osteoarthritis degenerative joint disease-noninflammtory disorder of moveable joints
sprain acute injury to ligaments
strain acute injury to muscles or tendons
arthritis inflammatory joint disorder
Rheumatoid arthritis systemic autoimmune disease
Gouty arthritis synovial inflammation caused by gout
infectious arthritis arthritis resulting from infection by a pathogen (Lyme disease)
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