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10 million Designs. 2.1

What does vertebrate mean? an animal with a backbone
What does invertebrate mean? an animal without a backbone
What is an exoskeleton? the hard outer covering of an insect
What is molting? shedding the outer covering
What is an ovipositor? an insect's egg-laying organ
What are spiracles? holes in an insect's body for breathing
Name the three special characteristics of insects. An outside skeleton (exoskeleton) three body parts six jointed legs
Name the two main groups of animals. vertebrates and invertebrates
What does the prefix exo mean? outside
Is an insect's exoskeleton stronger or weaker than bone? lighter and stronger
What is a scientist who studies insects called? an entomologist
Name three insects that have stingers for protection. honeybees, hornets, yellow jackets, bumblebees, wasps
What is a hypothesis? a reasonable or scientific explanation of something based on observations of that thing
What is an experiment? a planned way to test a hypothesis
What is the law of biogenesis? life can only come from life
Who performed many experiments to test the hypothesis of spontaneous generation? Francesco Redi
What kind of insect did Francesco Redi use in his experiments with raw meat? housefly