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Science Order and Design, Test 2, Ch 3

T/F: The first section of the small intestines is the jejunum. FALSE The correct answer is: duodenum
The anatomical name for the windpipe. trachea
The diaphragm is a ____ that aids in _______. muscle / breathing
A group of tissues designed to work together for a specific purpose. Organ
I cover the tooth exposed part of the tooth. Enamel
The largest internal organ in the body. LIVER
I cause skin color. I am... Melanin
All three parts of the body. Head / Trunk / Appendages
Largest vessels in the body. Arteries
T/F: I carry oxygen throughout the body. Red blood cells White blood cells - FIGHT!
Which body system removes liquid wastes. Urinary System
List the layers of skin from deepest to the top layer... Subcutaneous / Dermis / ? EPIDERMIS :)
T/F: The Digestive System removes solid matter from the body. FALSE Breaks down food
Alveoli are Air sacs in the _________. LUNGS (Did you get it right?)
Organs come together to do a specific job. We call this... A SYSTEM
Bonelike tissue under the enamel that forms the tooth. DENTIN
Cementum does what? ANCHORS THOSE TEETH! The tooth is planted firmly in the mouth by both the cementum and the periodontal membrane.
The visible part of the tooth. CROWN
What system supports the body? Skeletal
What system allows for movements within the body? Muscular
What system gives oxygen and removes carbon dioxide? Respiratory
I brake down food. What system am I? Digestive
What system works with the GLANDS? Endocrine
I remove liquid wastes from the body. What system am I? Urinary
I am the system that controls all of the others? I AM KING!! (eho, echo, echo....) Nervous System
I am the deepest part of the skin. Subcutaneous Layer
The skeleton is divided into two parts. Name them Smarty pants!! Axial and.... Appendicular
As the islets of Langerhans, I release this, which regulates blood sugar levels. Insulin or glucagon.
My great grandmother tripped over her cat whiskers and fractured her femur. It was a small hairline fracture that required a cast. No external wounds were visible. Name the fracture. Simple
Buddy the elevator technician fell down the shaft two stories. He landed on his elbow, resulting in a break where the humorous protruded through the arm. What fracture has occurred? Compound
Largest lymphatic organ. Spleen
Tissue fluid within the lymphatic vessels. Lymph
An unborn child's external support organs prior to its own being developed. Placenta
The branch of circulation that helps the heart. Coronary Circulation
Created by: rudd76