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Tuck Vocabulary

Tuck Everlasting Ch. 6-10 Vocabulary (all words

cavernous resembling a deep hole in a rock
vivid very clear
mercy kind treatment when it is not deserved
bridle the straps, bit and reins, put over the horse's head to control its movements
cautiously carefully
eager wanting something very much
pitiless having no compassion or sympathy
dimensions measurements
peculiar odd or strange
conclusion the final decision or outcome of something
straddle to throw one's legs on each side of something
blur to make or become less clear
parson a minister of the gospel
elated filled with joy and pride
camphor a white, strong smelling substance used in medicine
extraordinary so unusual as to be remarkable
risky dangerous
vigorous lively
perilous having a chance of harm or loss
embankment a mound of dirt that holds back water or holds up a road
fidget to be restless or having constant movement
insist to take a strong stand
implored asked in a humble and gentle way
eddies currents of air or water running against the main current
faltered stumbled
colander a bowl of holes for draining food
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