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Prefixes& Suffixes

Table of Prefixes

a-, an- without
ab- from
ad- toward
aden- gland
alg- cold, pain
ambi- both
angio- blood vessel
ante- before
anti- against
arthro- joint
auto- self
bi- two
bili- bile
bio- life
brachi- arm
brachy- short
brady- slow
bronch- bronchi, trachea
bucc- cheek
carcin- cancer
cardi- heart
cata- destruction
centi- one one-hundreth
cephal- head
chole- gallbladder
chondroe- cartilage
circum- around
contra- against
cerebro- brain
col- colon
colp- vagina
cost- rib
counter- against
crani- skull
cyst- sac, bladder
cyto- cell
de- removal from
deci- one-tenth
deka, deca ten
dent- teeth
lacrim- tears
laryngo- larynx
lipo- fat
lyso- dissolve, kill
macro- large
mal- ill, bad
mast- breast
mega- large
ment- mind
mes- middle
meta- beyond; change
micro- small
milli- one one-thousandth
mono- single
myo- muscle
naso- nose
necro- dead
neo- new
nephro- liver
oculo- eye
opthalmo- eye
oligo- lack of, few, scanty, deficiency of
ora- oral
ortho- straight
os- mouth, bone
osteo- bone
ot- ear
oophoro- ovary
pan- all
para- through
path- disease
ped- child, foot
per- through
peri- around
phlebo- vein
photo- light
pleuro- pleura
pneumo- lung; gas; air
poly- many
post- after
pre- before
pro- forward
procto- rectum
pseudo- false
psych- soul, mind
pyel- pelvis
pyo- pus
pyro- fire, heat
quadr- four
quint- five
rachi- spine
radio- ray
re- again
reni- kidney
retro- backward
rhin- nose
rubi- red
salpingo- tube
semi- one-half
septic- putrefaction
somat- body
steno- narrow
stoma- mouth, opening
sub- under, inferior
supro- above
sym-, syn- with
tachy- fast
tensio- stretch
tetra- four
thermo- heat
thoraco- chest
thrombe- clot
tox- poison
trans- across
tri- three
ultra- excess
un- not
uni- one
vas- vessel
vit- life
Created by: landonmc