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World Politics

Frieden/Lake/Schultz World Politics Ch. 4

Bureaucracy The collection of organizations (including the military, diplomatic corps, and intelligence agencies) that carry out most tasks of governance in the state.
Interest groups Groups of individuals with common interests that organize to influence public policy in a manner that benefits their members.
Rally effect The tendency for people to become more supportive of their country's government in response to dramatic international events.
Diversionary Incentive The incentive that state leaders have to start international crises in order to rally public support at home.
Military-industrial complex An alliance between military leaders and the industries that benefit from international conflict, such as arms manufacturers.
Democratic Peace The observation that there are few, if any, clear cases of war between mature democratic states.
Democracy A political system in which candidates compete for political office through frequent, fair elections in which a sizable portion of the adult population can vote.
Accountability The ability to punish or reward leaders for the decisions they make, as when frequent fair elections enable voters to hold elected officials responsible for their actions by granting/withholding access to political office
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