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Module 6 DM Educatio

DM Education/Intervention

Women with GDM check blood glucose - When? Fasting and i to 2 hours after a meal - 4x's a day
Women with DM not related to pregnancy check Blood glucose levels __daily 5-7x's
HbAic is ____________in blood glycohemoglobin
Common insulin analog __________is taken prior to meals Lispro
Common side effect of maternal diabetes is neonatal hypoglycemia
A preg woman who wants to exercise should do so after_____when BG is high, wear an _____ and carry ______ _____ for a rapid source of energy after, medical ID, hard candy
True or false: oral hypoglycemic should be used to manage DM in pregnancy False. They cross the placenta
During the first trimester, the need for insulin frequently decreases.
Insulin requirements begin to rise in the second trimester as glucose use and glucose storage by the woman and fetus increase.
Insulin requirements may double or quadruple by the end of pregnancy as a result of placental maturation and hPL production.
The infant of a diabetic mother is at risk for congenital anomalies, respiratory distress, and macrosomia.
Frequently maternal insulin requirements .... during labor. Consequently maternal glucose levels are measured ...to determine insulin need. decrease dramatically, hourly
Often two IV lines are used, one with a 5% dextrose solution and one with a saline solution. The saline solution is then available for piggybacking insulin or if a bolus is needed.
A client with Type I diabetes is admitted to the labor and birthing unit. What nursing actions should take priority in the intrapartal management of the patient with diabetes? Maintaining two patent IV lines Hourly monitoring of blood sugar level
Created by: CCBCMDNursing218