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Module 6 Intrapartum

Intrapartum DM

True or False - Most diabetic moms go full term with SVD (spontaneous vaginal delivery) True
Labor may be induced due to concern over __________ as the placenta ages. decreased perfusion
Nonreassuring fetal status may indicate a _________ for the diabetic mom. C-Section
Diabetic women who have vascular changes, increasing HTN, evidence of IUGR, or evidence of deteriorating fetal condition may require ____________. Birth before term. usually by C-Section
Insuling requirement _____ during labor drop
Maternal glucose should be take _________during labor hourly
Diabetic moms often have two IV lines. One with _______and one with __________ 5% dextrose, NS
If a piggyback of insulin is need it should be added to the ____________ normal saline.
Prior to giving the diabetic mom piggyback IV of insulin what needs to be done? Tubing should be flushed with insulin prior to giving the prescribed amount ( insulin will cling to IV tubing )
IV insulin is discontinued a what stage of the birthing process? completion of the third stage of labor.
Created by: CCBCMDNursing218