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Anatomy wk 3

Stand apart; relax Diastol-
Urination; urine production Diure-
Lead; leading Duc- (duct)
Displaced Ectop-
Out; away Ef-
To throw out Ejacul-
Electricity Electro-
Of the blood -emia
Within; inside End- (endo)
A garment Endym-
Upon; over Epi-
Work; power Erg-
Red Erythro-
A sieve Ethm-
Out of; from; away from Ex-
Outside Extra-
Bundle Fasci-
To bear; bearing Fer- (pher-)
A bag Folli-
A pit Foram-
Ditch; depression Foss-
A swelling Gangli-
A bud Gemm-
Cause; birth; origin Gen-
Cause; origin Genesis
Bearing; origin -gen
Of the genes (DNA) -genic
Embryo; sprout Germ-
The gums Gingiv-
Glue Gli-
A ball Glob-
Created by: Brana