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A side effect of indomethacin for the neonate is _____________ hyperbilirubinemia
Elevated unconjugated bilirubenia results in Jaundice
Physiologic jaundice occurs _______ 24 hours or more after birth
cord blood from new born usually does not exceed ______bilirubin unless Rh sensitization has occurred. not to exceed 5mg/dl (normal is 2mg/dl or less)
Name two maternal conditions that are an indication to observe new born for jaundice 1) maternal is Rh - 2) Maternal is type O
untreated hyperbilirubinemia can result in _______________ the classic acute bilirubin encephalopathy of kernicterus
Hyperbilirubinemia is treated with phototheraphy and exchange transfusions.
The ethnic group with the highest rate of new born jaundice is ____________ East Asian ( Japanese, Chinese, Filipino)
True or False - Jaundice appearing before 24 hours is expected False this is pathologic jaundice. It should appear after 24 hours.
True or false Serum bilirubin should not rise by more than 0.2 mg/dl per hour True
Neonates needs investigating if the total serum concentration of bilirubin is greater than 95% True
It is normal for jaundice to last 2 weeks or more False ( it usually occurs 48 s/p birth, peaks at 5-7 days then is over by day 10.
___________test is performed to determine if jaundice is due to Rh or ABO incompatibility Coombs'
When the nurse is is doing a TcB (Transcutaneous bilirubin) she should test which area: 1) forehead 2) Sternum 2) Sternum - it is less likely to be affected by ambient light.
Name three risk factors for hyperbilirubinemia at lower bilirubin levels. 1.Acidosis, 2.Hypoxia, 3.Hypotermia
Should Amniotic fluid be amber in color? No , Amber-colored amniotic fluid indicates hyperbilirubemia.
Phototheraphy puts the infant at risk for ___________. Fluid Volume deficit. Dehydration.
While undergoing phototheraphy the jaundice in the area around the babies eyes is disappearing the nurse knows: 1. phoththeraphy is working. 2) Jaundice disappears from the face 1st. 3) The eye-patches are allowing light in and need to be readjusted. 3) The eye-patches are allowing light in and need to be readjusted.
Created by: CCBCMDNursing218