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Module 5 - Ectopic P

Ectopic Pregnancy

Placenta previa definition Implantation in lower uterine segment
Types: low-lying * Marginal * Partial * complete
Classic signs painless, bright red vaginal bleeding, uterus normal tone, malpresentation
Pathophysiology With increasing cervical dilation, risk for maternal hemorrhage/ fetal hypoxia or death
Diagnostics NO VAGINAL EXAMS! Transabdominal ultrasound Hct/Hgb; type crossmatch blood
Labor management : Complete or partial Cesarean
Delay birth until ____ wks if possible 37 weeks; bedrest /w BR priv, (if not bleeding), monitor pain, EBL, contx, vitals, CBC, urinalysis, Ringer's
Labor management: low-lying, Marginal Trial of labor with close monitoring of bleeding, maternal hemodynamics, fetal heart patterns
In later preg,. when uterus contracts and dilates, ______ ______ are torn away from the uterine wall, exposing the uterine sinuses; ____ begins Placental villi, bleeding
Complete Internal os completely covered
Partial internal os partially covered
low-lying placenta is implanted in lower uterine segment, not covering os
Risks Blacks, prior C/S, high gravidity, high parity, +age, prior miscarriage, prev induced abort.,smoking and MALE FETUS
marginal Lower edge of placenta reaches internal os, but does not cover it
Assessment must be_________ ongoing
Dx Fl Vol Def/Risk for impaired gas exchange/Anxiety
Condition associated with hemorrhage where after birth uterus contracts poorly and turns blue & hysterectomy is necessitated. Couvelaire uterus
Created by: CCBCMDNursing218