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Module 5 - Ectopic P

Ectopic Pregnancy

Ectopic Pregnancy Definition Implantation of the ovum in any other site other than endometrial lining of the uterus. May be seen OP, might need IP treatment, emotional support
Most common site is________ , hence often called_______, , but it can occur in__________ . fallopian tube, tubal pregnancy, a variety of locations
Risk factors PID (causes tubal damage) * previous tubal surgery * endometriosis * DES exposure * presence of IUD
May show normal pregnancy signs initially and_______ hCG is present.
Signs/symptoms: Sharp one sided pain, referred shoulder pain, lower abdominal pain, adexal tenderness (area of abdomen over each ovary and fallopian tube)
Signs/Symptoms: pregnancy may be palpable, may progress to rigid abdomen, internal bleeding if there is a rupture.
Labs hCG may be present but does not rise as it would in a normal pregnancy (doubling every 48-72 hours) Serum progesterone levels – less than 5ng/ml (25 ng/ml or higher is normal)
Labs Progesterone level <5 ng/mL indicates_____ a dead fetus
Teatment for ectopic pregnancy can be either______ or ________ medical or surgical
Medical treatment for a woman who desires futures pregnancy is________ methotrexate given IM
Methotrexate causes _________ and the patient must avoid_____ _____________ photosensitivity, sun exposure
Methotrexate is a_____________ folic acid antagonist that interferes with DNA synthesis
Surgical treatment for a woman who desires futures pregnancy is________ salpingostomy via a laparoscope
If the tube is ruptured or future childbearing is not an issue, then ___________ is performed, leaving the ______if it is not damaged. salpingectomy (removal of the tube), ovary
With both medical and surgical therapies for ectopic pregnancy, the __________________woman is given RhoGAM to prevent sensitization Rh-nonsensitized
Assessment amount of vaginal bleeding, VS for developing shock
Possible nursing diagnoses? Fear, Pain, Anticipatory grieving
Evaluation Woman can explain ectopic pregnancy, treatment options, grieving process
Following evacuation of the mole, the nurse must monitor____ and _____ for evidence of a ______ VS, bleeding, hemorrhage
________ is administered keep uterus contracted and to prevent hemorrhage Oxytocin
The nurse must emphasize the importance of _______ _________ follow-up care
Created by: CCBCMDNursing218