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Safety NOTES

safety notes

Always wear eye_____________. protection
Use equipment with the instructor’s ____________. Permission
Use equipment only when the _________ is in the lab. instructor
.________all accidents or injuries. report
Do not use__________________ equipment defective or faulty
Never use equipment until you have been properly___________ in its use. instructed
Loose clothing can cause_______. injuries
Long hair must be ___________ or covered with a cap. tie back
No __________ should be worn in the lab. jewelry
Never wear gloves except when handling _______lumber. rough
Wear_____________ shoes or boots. close-toed
Approved protection earmuffs should be worn around________ equipment. noisy
A__________must be worn when working where there is dust. dust mask
Finishing materials should only be used in well _________ areas. ventilated
Always_________spilled materials. clean-up
Used rags are to be kept in a covered ______container. closed
Locate the _______________ and learn how to use them. fire extinguisher
Keep cabinet doors and drawers _______. closed
Never leave anything on the _________ that could be slipped on or tripped over. floor
._____vises when they are not in use. close
Workbenches should be kept__________and organized. clear
Use a_______or a rag to clear away scraps and sawdust. brush or rag
Tools should be used only for what they are ___________. designed for
_____tools should be carried with the edge or point held down toward the floor. sharp
A tool should always be held by the_______. handle
When you are finished with a tool return it to its__________________. proper location
Ask for_________when you need to handle large or heavy material. help
Lift with your______ not with your back. legs
Never handle __________equipment if your hands are wet or if you are standing on a wet floor. electrical
Equipment with a ___________________ power cord should be reported to the instructor. It should not be used. damaged or frayed
Don’t yank on the power cord to disconnect a tool. Pull the________. plug
Use all the recommended _______and other safety devices when you operate power equipment. guards
Always disconnect the power equipment before you make any major_____________. adjustments
. Never adjust equipment while it is _______. running
When you turn off a machine, stay with it until it is _____________stopped. completely
Before you use a machine, make sure the person who used it before you, has turned it off and it is completely _________. stopped
Don’t__________anyone while they are operating the equipment. distract
Using tools and equipment requires your complete __________at all times. attention
Always work at a _____speed. safe
Never fool around or _____in the lab. horse play
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