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TLS Questions

What are five skills scientists use to learn more about the world Observing Classifying Inferring Making Models Predicting
The senses a scientist uses in observing incule sight hearing touch taste and Smell
Quantitive Observations Dealing with numbers or an amount
Qualititive Observations Dealing with the five senses or things that cannot be expressed in numbers
a) Inferences are based on reasoning from what you already know b) Making an inference invovles guessing c) An inference is an interpretation d) People make inferences all the time A, C, D
Making a forecast of what will happen in the future based on past experience or evidence is called Predicting
How are inferring and predicting related They are realated because predicting is a guess and inferring a statement or something like a guess
A drawback of classifying things is that objects and information stay disorganized False
a) Map b) Movie set c) computer-generated illustration d) notebook notes A,B,C
Models help people study things that cannot be obsered directly True
Some info about and object or process may be missing from a model True
Wgat are five important attitudes that successful scientists posses See smell touch hear taste
a) having an attitude of doubt b) being open minded c) comping up with inentive ways to solve problems d) an eagerness to learn more about a topic A
Honesty is important when a scientists results go against previous ideas True
Created by: livingsa