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Stack #133551

Phadden - Maximum Ride Vocabulary Part I

transforming morphing
about to happen; looming imminent
to unfasten and unroll unfurled
a projecting structure that is supported at only one end, such as a beam cantilevered
a young bird that is just ready to fly; a novice fledgling
to sit or stand with an akward overly relaxed or drooping posture slouched
gloomy; deeply serious or grave solemn
to cause death or unconciousness by suffocating asphyxiate
projecting nose and jaws of certain animals, such as a dog or wolf muzzle
to lay or place (something) over or upon something else superimposed
of or relating to birds avian
a bird of prey, such as a hawk, eagle or owl raptor
a deliberate attempt to damage, destroy, or hinder a cause or an activity sabotage
confused, irrational, muddled incoherent
a rule or principle of conduct or procedure precept
an inspection of an area made to gather information, especially about the presence, arrangement, or activities taking place in the area reconnaissance
extremely evil or cruel, demon like demonic
characteristic of dogs canine
DNA altered through laboratory manipulation in which genes from one organisim are transplanted or spliced into the genetic material of an organism of a different species. recombinant DNA
a way of representing or showing the elevations of land forms on paper or a map topographical
enjoyment of cruelty or abuse inflicted on others sadistic
a mental view or outlook perspective
unsophisticated, simplicity of nature, absence of artificiality naive
hidden concealed
unconscious defense mechanism used to reduce anxiety or stress by denying facts, feelings or thoughts that are intolerble denial
strain, unsuccesfully, to vomit retch
to collapse inwardly, violently implode
deserving to be despised despicable
not living or organic inanimate
to hurl or launch as from a catapult catapulting
fragments of an exploded bomb or shell shrapnel
a package of several things tied or held together sheaf
Created by: kphadden